Lives of Chicks & Turkeys
 C h I c k e n s 
Turkeys packed in by the thousands!
   Beaks are cut off so they don't peck eachother out of boredom and close confinement! No pain killers are used.
Male chicks are thrown away.  They can't produce eggs so they are of no value.
  Considered trash!  Many of these chickens get diseases because of the overcrowding and no ventilation, and constantly exposed to urine and feces. This is a result of over breeding!
Please buy only . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Click on small pictures for larger view. I know this is very hard to look at, but we must expose the people that are behind this, and hold USDA to Humane Standards that they are obligated to, which the law clearly states.  Sooo  let's ask them what their doing???  These innocent beings need our help! 
Our chickens love to run around and dig for bugs in the dirt.  They all stick together and are very friendly and smart.  They all know when it is feeding time and they like to go to bed at dusk. They respond to compassion just as we do.  We keep them in a shed at night for safety.  
 Turkeys are viewed the same way that chickens are.  I have come to the conclusion that you have to be a special breed to work at one of these places.  Just think they live within our society.
Our turkeys are very social.  This one, Your Majesty loves to have his neck rubbed.  The turkeys like to go in the sprinkler on hot days.  He hangs out with our dog Gunner.  You can't tell me that there not intelligent and compassionate, because I live with them every day. When cared for properly they are allowed to become all that they were meant to be . . .  animals = eager, compassionate, clever, bonds with people and other animals. They teach me something new each day.  
 Click on the pictures below for larger view.  Overtime I look at this it never gets easier.  I just sob.
 Just hanging out!
 Animals all over the world need are help!  These calves , unable to move, ripped from their mother's at birth. Wait to be slaughtered for veal.   This just rips my heart out, every time I see it  - it never gets easier.  I say how, how does a person allow any creature to be treated this way.  Please, Please, they need are help.  Check out my animal page on how you can help!  Not for me, but for them.  

We must come together as a nation, unite, and send the message that we will not stand for this!  It's about time these law makers get their heads out of their power hungry, more money, adulteress, no conscious, @*&&!  It's about time we tear down the steel buildings and boarded up barns, and expose what they don't want any of us to know or see!  There is a great book "If slaughter houses had glass walls no one would eat meat!  Amen! 

Sometime when I am writing letters or speaking to someone about this issue.  I always feel a little nervous or guilty, but WHY - most of us know right from wrong, and this is WRONG!  I will not be made to feel guilty!  Each and every creature deserves compassion!  Animals are not commodities, thrown in piles like trash!  They feel pain and suffering just as we do.  Just look at my photos of animals; their interaction with each other.   Parents of animals are extremely nurturing, and protective.  Better than some humans! There's a saying - a picture says a million words! 

 Do you realize how many animals are killed, and some of them don't end up on your plate.  We live in a time when no one can get enough -that practices More, More, More money, power, fame, and forget to be human, and to care for those who can't.  Please just don't turn away, I know how hard it is, but we must not remain silent.  

Let's all send out a prayer to all these animals that are suffering.  Lord, I am sending our love and warmth to these animals, let them feel the love and warmth from my hands.  God, knows what is going on, and he strongly disagrees, but we are the only ones that can help.  Prayer leads to faith - faith leads to action!   

PSALM 35 "I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself  like a native green tree. Psalm 37 Mark the blameless man, and observe the UPRIGHT; for the future of that man is Peace!   Psalm 38 - But the transgressors shall be destroyed together; the future of the wicked shall be cut off.   

I pray that when my grandchildren are grown this kind of behavior will be no more.  Let's Do It!
 I know there's a lot of words to read, and you may not be able to read it all.  My wish is that you can visit often and give some time to the animals  who give so much, but some get nothing, except another quarter in man's pocket!
 For a complete and thorough background of cruel and abusive practices on animals visit the links below.  I am a vessel to a huge hidden world of horrific horror that many animals face.  I want to channel people in the right direction.  

The money earned from my cards and gifts will be used to rescue and educate for animals .

It's not if we make a change for animals.  It's WHEN we make a change for animals.

By breaking down the walls and exposing the cruel practices of factory farms and other psychotic individuals who only care about profit!
   Before the animal hits your plate they are tortured, and neglected.  They are mutilated without  pain killers, beaks cut off, teeth pulled, horns burned and torn off with wrenches,  castrated, inseminated and much more.Those of us who love animals need to unite and demand for compassionate legislation with stiff laws for abusers, and to abolish factory farms!  Did you know that . . . .
Above confined, huge manure pits under the stacked cages.  15 to 20 hens in one cage.  Often getting broken legs and limbs.  Thrown out like garbage - a wasted life.  Dead pile of male chicks they throw away.  Blood bath - torn off heads.  Grabbing and throwing turkeys on to truck.  Literally backing the truck up and emptying it like a garbage truck. Hens get  trapped and then die.  What is wrong with Us?
       Increase Profits!
       The goal is to increase production TO Increase Profits!  Again, so much needless suffering - they don't use half the animals that they put through this HELL!
 People for the Ethical Treatment      of Animals
       NO to Factory Farms!!
 The Humane Society of the United States.  The home page will come up.  Type Factory Farming in the search square.
 I have not eaten tortured cow and tortured pig for years.  I did eat chicken, but I look at the pictures everyday, and I have not eaten chicken for a year.
 My position on eating meat is this.  I have been around animals all my life. Each and every animal posses a different personality, feels pain, feels compassion, feels fear, feels love, and offers a relationship with you that no human could ever fill.

I would like it , if  no one ever ate meat, but I know this is unrealistic.  I would much rather see an animal grazing and socializing with other animals.   Be treated with kindness, be able to raise their off spring.  
I don't endorse any killing, but that's a fairy tale. They should be shot quickly not to impose any unneeded suffering!
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• 10G protein
• 74% less fat*
*Morningstar Farms® Garden Veggie Patties Veggie Burgers (67G) contain 3.5G fat per serving, compared with regular ground beef (67G) containing 15G fat per serving.

You guys Morning Star Farms has awesome products.  You have to try one to believe it.  Their veggie burger is great!  Just enough spices to pack a punch!  You won't even miss eating animals.  Try it!
  MORNING STAR  uses NO animal products.  The taste is amazing.  Below is the LINK; next to the light bulb that will take you to Morning Star.  There you can find out about all their products, coupons and more!
      Menu's at restaurants and meat counters like to disguise, and entice you with fancy names, but they should speak the truth, such as. .   Kicked cow in the face and rammed a forklift up against his body to make him stand up.  He could not stand so they tied a chain to his legs and dragged him to slaughter.  So you get a discount today!  

Boiled alive chicken with pork hung by a forklift truck.  Baby calves who have been seasoned  just for you in their 3 x 5 crate. My skin is torn and bloody from the urine and feces.  I have chronic diarrhea, because I am fed a liquid diet.  I am ordained to suffer from birth!
    Chicken is the special tonight!  Unfortunately, are chickens missed the throat cutter - before they were thrown into a tank of boiling water to remove their feathers.  They squacked a bit.  

Some of the workers just bite or tear their heads off first.  They say this speeds up the process.  Gotta make a profit and any cost!
  Making sure he finishes the process!  No            mercy!
Turkey's cramed in cages and stacked like wood - on their way to slaughter!

 Turkey's are being artificially inseminated.  Looks like fun doesn't it!
 Turkey's are being artificially inseminated.  Looks like fun doesn't it!
    NO to Factory Farms Animals are not machines!
 Foie Gras - delicacy of slavery then death!  Foie Gras is considered a "delicacy".  It means they are force fed corn boiled with fat so the liver becomes very large which makes the liver then taste buttery. Some states have outlawed it.  I say eat a stick of butter - right!

If you know of a restaurant that offers this.  Write them a letter and ask them to stop this cruel inhumane treatment.

When it comes to letter writing we have to be plesant, but straight with the facts!  Believe me I wanted to rip them a new (*&^^%!!!!

 The industry says this is not abuse! Can you imagine being confined, and then have a tube stuck down your throat until your liver explodes with fat. 

 Then your slaughtered!  Too me, it's like a colonoscopy with NO pain killers or sedation!
Meatless yummy meals!
 Link above to Morning Star
 The background horrors of Petsmart! Mice, gerbils, birds, hamsters, fish left in the backroom stacked in bins.  Victims of mutilation from other animals.  Unsanitary conditions which led to infections, and then death.  Neglect which resulted in death.

Don't by pets from petsmart.  Write to the corporate office to let them know that this is abuse and cruelty. You will not shop at Petsmart until they clean up their act!
She plucked and pulled out all her feathers!  Due to stress of confinement!
 mutilated by others because lack of food
 This bird has a disease called Psittacosis, which can be transmitted to humans and could be fatal.
Large birds kept in confining cages.  Frequently they will bite at the bars in aggrevation!  Say no to large bird sales, leave them where they belong in the jungle!

Why can't humans leave animals alone where they belong!
 Dirty Water leads to illnesses.
 Geicos packed in a cage.  You can see them on topof eachother.
 Bins stacked on top of eachother with animals in them!
 Baby birds left in a box with paper shredded - no water or food. 
 Injury left untreated
When you see "The Certified Humane Raised and Handled Program Certificate and Label" you know that the food products have come from facilities that meet PRECISE, objective standards for farm animals.  Humane handling from birth through slaughter.  If the grocer does not offer them, then write a letter  or speak to the manager about getting them!  The grocer wants OUR business!
Certified Humane Raised and Handled meets the Humane Farm Animal Care Program standards, which includes nutrious diets without antibiotics or hormones, animals raised with shelter, resting areas, sufficent space and the ability to engage in natural behaviors!
Bins packed full of hamsters, gerbils, mice, snakes.  Again it is over breeding, and many of them don't survive.
 Petsmart Corporate Office
19601 N. 27th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ85027
  Dead hamsters! You can see that the one hamster had been left for a while.  Started to decompose. 
  Surviving in filthy conditions.
 Heading for the knife cutter to slit their neck.

This is our turkey Your Majesty and our Lab Gunner!  They are very individual and very loving! All animals deserve this!
 Click this link to read about the "Certified Humane Program" that should be standard for all animals. Only buy "Certified Humane Program" products.  This will save millions of animals from unneedless suffering, and the factory farms will fade away!  Because the people rule!!
YES, Petsmart!

 Helping Animals is as
 Click Here!


Lavendernlilys, chicks, and turkeys, before the animal hits your plate it is mutilated, horns burned,animal lovers unite