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Hi, my name is Jane, and I am an independent local business owner.  I create all my own flower arrangements and other products.  I am NOT affiliated with franchises such as, FTD, Teleflora, 1-800-Flowers, Just Flowers, and other florists that are affiliated with them. DON'T BE FOOLED by them.  

When you do a search such as "Lilys"; "Lilys" will pop up, BUT next to or below "Lily's"  it may read "Lilys 1-800, or Just Flowers."  This is miss-leading to the consumer, and there are fees included with their prices.  

 You will never be charged a processing fee with www.lavendernlilys.com,  and a very low delivery fee, if any.  I provide excellent products and service, and I hope to create something for you!!
Excellent products at affordable prices!

 Below you will see three bouquets from different florists that I have compared my prices to.  Please check other sites prices, and watch the video below.
  other florists prices
         $62.00                           $69.00                       $62.00
DO THE RESEARCH ..... below you will see  two sets of flower arrangements from other businesses affiliated with Teleflora, FTD, 1-800 vendors.   They do not tell you about the wire fee and other charges that you will incur.Lavendernlilys will do both of these arrangements at almost half the price; with the same premium flowers, colors, and size.  The only differences may be how the flowers are arranged, and the number of a certain flower may be different.  EX:  3 roses instead of 2, or 4 grebara's instead of 5.

Compare my price to theirs. . . . .
  other florists prices
         $47.00                      $54.00                      $43.00
THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW . . . . . . . . . . 

I save YOU money, because I
Love what I  do, and I grow a lot of my
own flowers!