Of  course, I have Lavender Sachets!  They make great wedding and shower favors! Hang them on your door knob, in your car.  Tuck a few in your dresser drawers, hang them in closets, in bathrooms, any where!  Give as gifts or  attach it to your gift box.

4 1/2 x 5 Sheer organza bag trimmed with beads and lace.  2 rope pulls with tassels, and filled with Lavender buds.  Colors Mauve and Lavender.  I can provide many other colors and sizes.  Just Email me with your request, and I will get back to you.  Thank you.

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www.lavendernlilys.com, Lavender sachets, organza, satin, pearls, and lace beautiful small bags
A stunning 4 x 6 Lace skirt embroidered organza bag with crystal beads.  Closes with 2 ribbon pulls.  Filled with fresh dried Lavender buds!  Color - Ivory
Sachet bag shaped as a heart and trimmed with pearl studded lace.  Ribbon pull with pearl trims and filled with fresh Lavender buds. 
5 1/2 x 7 1/2 Sheer deep purple organza bag trimmed with lace and beads. 
$3.50 with fresh Lavender buds.
$3.00 without buds
$2.10 with fresh Lavender Buds.        $1.50 without buds
This is a round bottom organza pouch trimmed with strings of beads on the bottom and the pull ribbons. Great for favors. 4 1/4 W x 5 1/4 L
Draw ribbon bags made of beautiful lace.
 W4 x 6L
3 1/2 x 3 1/4 organza lace and pearl bag with Lavender buds $1.50
Without buds $1.00

$1.39 with fresh Lavender buds.  
$ .79 without buds
A stunning organza bag featuring a lace skirt trimmed with heart shaped plastic beads, closed with two ribbon pulls that also end in a string of beads. Bag also has a sewn in flat bottom which makes it possible to stand this bag up easily.
5W x 7 1/2 L
An adorable little bag with a skirt of embroidered flowers. Bags are handmade so size may vary a little. 3 W x 4 L
$2.89  with Lavender buds 
$.75    without buds  

This bag is made of premium brushed organza and features a small satin ribbon flower on an organza bow mounted where the bag ties.

4 W x 4 1/2 L $1.50 with fresh Lavender buds.
 $.99 without buds
 3 W x 5 L             $1.50 with Buds
 5 W x 7 L             $2.50 with Buds
 7 W x 9 L             $3.50 with Buds
These pouches are made from heavy and natural unbleached cotton muslin. Each muslin pouch is embroidered with a floral motif and can be easily closed and opened by pulling the fashionable drawstrings at the top of the bag.
3 W x 5 L with fresh Lavender Buds.      $1.50
4 W x 6 L with fresh Lavender Buds.      $2.50
8 W x 9 L with fresh Lavender Buds.      $3.50
2" W x10 yds. long approx 35 to 36 flowers.

19.99 with Buds.
17.99 without buds.
$3.50 with fresh Lavender buds.
$3.00 without buds
$3.50 with fresh Lavender buds.
$3.00 without buds
Flat, round pouches are trimmed with nice lacey frills and are embellished with a small flower bow. These pouches are drawn closed with pull cords with wooden beads at the end.
4 1/2 W x 4 1/ L with fresh Lavender Buds.      $1.50
6 1/4 x 6 1/4 L with fresh Lavender Buds.        $2.25

Sheer organza bags that draw closed to form a perfect heart. These bags are trimmed with a small satin flower, satin ribbon, beaded strand, and lace.

Butterfly Favor pouch ribbon is a ribbon that can be filled with little treats such as candies or almonds. Once the treats are inserted into the pouches just cut off a string of 5 pouches and pull the pull string to create these fun and flirty bows. It takes approximately 10 inches to make 1 flower so a roll of 10 yards would make about 36 flowers. Available in a myriad of colors, these favor bows are made out of a soft satin and are lined on the edges with cut out tiny butterflies. Remember, a cord is woven into one edge of the ribbon and when pulled, will ruffle up into delightful little pompoms (as pictured).

Satin bag with an organza embroidered skirt. Bags are handmade so size may vary a little. 
4 W x 6 L  with Lavender Buds $2.10
$1.85 without buds.
3 1/4 W x 4 3/4 L with Lavender Buds $1.10
$.75 without buds.
A stunning organza bag. It has an embroidered lace skirt trimmed with crystal clear plastic beads; is closed with two ribbon pulls, and is a standard flat bag. 
4 W x 6 L  $2.50 with fresh Lavender buds.
                 $1.25 without buds
4 W x 6 L  $3.25 with fresh Lavender buds.
                 $2.89 without buds.
 5 W x 7 L  $3.89 with fresh Lavender buds.​                               $3.25 without buds.        

Vivid festival colors with gold stripes, these bags are attention getters. Made of organza with metallic gold patterned stripes. Bag inside below the drawstring is about 1" less in height.
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Color:  Ivory as shown
Color:  Purple as shown
Color:  Ivory shown or White
Color:  Ivory shown or White
Color:  Purple, Fuschia, Green Gold, Gold
Color: White, Ivory
Color: White, Ivory
Color: Hot Pink, Orange, Apple Green, Turquoise, Purple
Color: White, or Ivory
Color: Ivory or White
​   Color:   Red, Gold, Pink, Fuchsia
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